City Of Glendale Ridden With Corruption And Discrimination


On May 25, 2010 a second amended complaint was filed against the Glendale Police Department, its former Chief of Police, current Chief of Police, City Manager and 32 other supervisors, lieutenants and staff members for allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on race and national origin by five of its police force of Armenian descent. Topadzhikyan, et al. v. Glendale Police Department et al., Case No. CV10-0387-CAS(SSX). This litigation continues till today but we don’t see it in our headlines.

The allegations are horrendous and a mockery to our legal system where Glendale Police Department members of Armenian descent are discriminated and harassed for their ethnicity and forced to endure such behavior by its supervisors of retaliation as promised. One shocking statement by a supervisor states you could “win the battle, but lose the war” indicating that even if Plaintiffs were to prove the wrongdoing, speaking out about the acts would leave a negative impression, tarnishing their career, potentially causing more problems then solutions.

Allegations outside of discrimination and harassment also include lewd conduct by department members from indulgence in sex, prostitution, possession of stolen goods, obstruction of justice and a hierarchy that feels more like the dukes of hazard in the boonies of a farmland then in a busy booming corporate centered city like Glendale. In fact this isn’t the first or last investigation of corruption in Glendale, as recently as a few months ago the City Planning Department had been investigated for internal fraud and corruption, but the headlines of the Glendale News Press or other similarly situated papers and news media didn’t provide coverage. Although anytime we have one individual of Armenian decent accused of wrongdoing, it makes headlines with a label of Armenians. With the Glendale elections looming just around the corner in a few days, can we expect an “Armenian” to take office and demand reform in this corrupt and racist city or will lawsuits like that of Plaintiffs, Tigran Topadzhikyan, John Balian, Robert Parseghian, Benny Simouzad and Vahak Mardikian, which will take years to litigate be our only hope for possible change? Protect your rights and those that surround you because one day this racism and harassment based on race and ethnicity may turn onto another group. [For more details on Topadzhikyan, et al. v. Glendale Police Department et al., Case No. CV10-0387-CAS(SSX), download this PDF file.].

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