Geragos Yeghiayan – FOLLOW UP 6-18-2011

LOS ANGELES – As Mark Geragos’s counsel stated in their complaint “It is with deep sadness that plaintiffs bring this action” against Vartkes Yeghiayan, Rita Mahdessian, the Center for Armenian Remembrance aka Conservatoire de la Memoire Armenienne, and Yeghiyian Law Corp; it is with great sadness to state that the saga still continues. Although the Summons and Complaint were served on the defendants on or about April 13, 2011, no responsive pleading except for a request to remove the action to the Federal Court has bee sought by attorney Roman M. Silberfeld on behalf of the defendants. The next hearing is set to be a review hearing on July 7, 2011.
Geragos and Kabateck seek punitive damages for fraud, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract.
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