Cindy N. Tran, Esq.

I am a seven year attorney currently consulting as corporate counsel for several companies in various fields including fashion retail and energy efficiency constructions.
I have an undergraduate in Information Technology and have centered my legal career in the practice of Intellectual Property Law and various overlapping fields of law particularly, Business and Contract Law. Through these past seven years, I have assisted clients in registering over 200 trademarks and over 1000 copyright registration. In recent years, I’ve represented and counseled many companies in various matters from day-today legal concerns to business strategies and the impact of current laws and regulations on such strategies and transactions. I’ve also represented companies in various business negotiations. In addition to corporate transactions experience, I also have extensive litigation experience in both federal and state court cases as well as appellate matters. I also handled complex discovery matters and large scale document review and production dealing with both physical documents as well as electronic discovery. Some of the cases that I was intimately involved in with aspects of discovery include:

Perfect 10, Inc. v. Cybernet Ventures, Inc.; Perfect 10, Inc. v. Google, Inc.; Cosmos Jewelry Ltd., v. Po Sun Hon, Co.; Yang v. Avon Products; Yang v. Rite Aid Corporation, and other litigations involving intellectual property rights. I also conducted countless copyright infringement analysis, some of which directly resulted in settlement of the disputes.

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